sweat drips languidly from your freshly trimmed beard. gazing into its magnificent shrubbery, i realize more time has been devoted to its elegance than I’ve given to my own self-preservation. but to hell with survival, you are a pillar of caveman existence, your paleo diet feeding the animal hugging your rough edges like a fly on a windshield. your lips hide beneath intertwined shadows, hearty roots on an ancient tree. to caress your beard is to know god.

teach me how to worship at your brawny altar.  i feel the vice grip of your calloused workman’s hands around my unworthy member, oh how you fill me with purpose.  to love you, to be loved by you, rough and unrepentant.
you pound away at me, I am your piece of meat. You drill me, you thrill me, you own me.  be kind to your possession, but not too kind.  i have a taste for your scorn.
Ugggghhh.  Ayahhhh!  I hear the urgency in your groans as you approach your climax within me, muffled by the Bzzzzz Bzzzzzz, BZZZZ of chainsaws outside your tent.
Bzzz Bzzz BZZZ, UGHHH!  RAWR! BZZZ.  i look back at you as you decimate my dark flower, your essence building, building.
you erupt with malice, working out long-ago heartbreak through my demure asshole.  your orgasm Christ-like, you fill me with the very heart of you, your sweet milk.
you spurt, and I spurt thusly, overcome with emotion. the tears flow down my cheeks as i expel my demon seed.  you wipe them away with your flannel sleeve and pat-pat-pat, you burp me like a child.
we are lumberjacks.  we are brothers.  we are lovers.

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