To My Furry

You were my favorite furry, my lover, my friend.  But now you won’t even speak to me.

I hate this.  Your cold silence echoes in my head.  I can change this, I can change this.  No.  False hope.

Slapped a restraining order on me.  Was that really necessary?  I would never attack you again.  I promise.  Please, baby, let me back into your heart your life your world.

Me in my lion suit, you the hyena.  Your raucous laughter turned to screams as I bore my bicuspids and bit through plush, straight down into the blade.

I clawed through the breast of your suit with my sharpened nails, tearing the stuffing out with animalistic avarice.  Fuzz falling falling.  I felt you tremble with fear, your lust evaporating.  My jovial submissive no more.  You became my prey.

Chest now exposed, faux fur scattered everywhere, I bit into your breast, nearly dismembering your nipple.  The sudden taste of your flesh triggered me.  I felt a beastly rage within me, as I ripped through  your tattered suit, entrails of fuzz blanketing your twin bed.

Lions don’t acknowledge safe words.  Yours is “regurgitate”.  You shouted it over and over, but I k ept clawing biting clawing biting.

Regurgitate!  Regurgitate!  Regurgitate!  Fuck you, no.

I felt compelled to chow down on your filthy hyena hole, but I resisted, let my want fall short of need.  You’re lucky.  I would have prolapsed you beyond repair.

I never intended to hurt you, my sweet baby.  We met on Fetlife, me tired of the online search for connection and conquest.  You, too pert and pure to pass up.  I stitched my lion suit by hand.  I wanted this to be special.  It was special, wasn’t it baby?  If just for a moment.  Before I vanished into my role, hungry lion on the hunt.  Ghost in the darkness.  Rip Chew Fuck Flesh.

Please forgive me, Sweets.  I’ll do anything to bury myself deep within the flanks of your fur again.  I’d even flip roles, let you dominate me, humiliate me, mock me.  Cuckold me with a tiger, beautiful stripes, young so young.

I have a feverish need to be with you, my transcendent furry.  I’ll do anything, baby.  Please, please drop the restraining order and let me invade your soul.

I’m watching you…

I VANT to Suck Your Toes

toesI VANT to suck your toes!  Rosy, posey toes, dangling over the foot of your Victorian canopy bed.  Purple press-on nails, sucker’s delight.  Your left index toe is sublime.  I want to gather it in my mouth like a mother bird holding food for her babies.  Chirp Chirp Chirp.  Oh how I love the taste of feet.

You’re wearing the bodice your husband gave you on the day Princess Diana died.  I want to rip it off and set it aflame.  I VANT to scare you, but only a little.  Really I just VANT your toes in my mouth.  I can fit 3, maybe 4, if you push my cold vampiric mouth to the brink.  Push me, push me, Pretty.  I VANT to make those perfect toes glisten.

I VANT to swirl my swift tongue over your cuticles.  I VANT to taste nail polish, let it crack and crumble in my greedy mouth.  I VANT to bite through the tumor on your right middle toe, spit it out, and deep throat those toes until the sun rises and I retreat to the Shadows once more.

Darkness lifting reminds me of everything I am not.  I will never be a daywalker, soaking in Vitamin D, tanning my flesh.  I must suck toes in the dead of night.    I must turn my midnight tricks, comforting lonely night toes with my nurturing mouth.  I don’t VANT your blood, I just VANT your toes.  Rosey, posey toes.

Big toes, small toes, man toes, so it goes.

I drape myself in my own dark desire, my mouth foams at the site of demure toes squeezed into restrictive heels.  Oh how they swell, nice and plump, ready to be suckled.  I VANT to rub my gums against the edge of your sharp, glossy toenails.  I will toe-suck my way to ecstasy, transcending time and space with my mouth engulfing your foot-fingers. Give thee your toes, or I will sever them and place them in a tin jar, sealed tight until sundown, at which time I will inhale those lovely disembodied digits and suck them to the bone.  I VANT, I VANT, I VANT to suck your toes, live or dead.  Oh how I salivate.  Your tantalizing toes will submit to me before the Dawn.